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9 Ways to Learn Like Einstein

Learn Einstein's secrets for increasing your mental power to succeed in your career, education, and life.

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Your professional success depends on your ability to think more effectively than your competitors.

As you adopt Albert Einstein's habits for creative, logical thinking, you will increase your intellectual power and enjoy more professional achievements.

Although we often think of Albert Einstein as one of the smartest people ever, we don't investigate what it was that made him so. People who speak highly of him often attribute his genius to some mysterious gift. They don't believe his smarts came from a certain attitude about learning. In reality, you can recreate some of his habits to get smarter and boost your intellectual abilities.

That's what you'll get from this course. You'll learn about 9 effective habits Einstein used to develop the mind power that made him famous. After each video lecture where one of these habits is presented, there's another video lecture and worksheet activities you can complete to develop those abilities and habits in your own life.

It may not be theoretical physics you're trying to be successful at, but whatever you aim to accomplish in your life professionally, academically, or artistically will come much faster as you implement Einstein's habits in your daily routine.

What You Will Learn

In less than three hours, you can learn how to...

  1. Think more creatively and develop your own intellectual independence.
  2. Focus on important problems in your work and education.
  3. Ignore criticism from people who don't understand your ambition or ways of thinking.
  4. Improve your imagination and use it to be more successful.
  5. Design your own curriculum and teach yourself new skills.
  6. Determine which professional relationships will help you achieve your goals and which ones won't.
  7. Get rid of trivial activities in your life and focus on what's worthwhile.

Who's Teaching?

Steven Churchill
Steven Churchill

Steven is an author and instructional designer who successfully creates interactive training and leadership development programs for thousands of employees in several Fortune-500 companies. He's committed to helping people get better work and income through learning new, more marketable skills.

He earned Master's and Bachelor's degrees, but his career and business depend primarily on self-taught skills. He wrote the book, How to Learn Higher Paying Skills, available on Amazon. He's launched his own instructional media company, Didactable, LLC and currently teaches 18,000+ students in online courses all over the world.

Sound impressive? Well before all that, Steven suffered from insecurity and a lack of confidence while talking to other people. With a lot of study, hard work, and guidance from other people, he was able to improve his self-confidence and ability to communicate effectively.

He has a rewarding career, convinced a beautiful woman to marry him, and he tries...TRIES...to apply what he's learned about effective communication to raising three crazy kids. He loves sharing what he's learned with others who want to improve their self-confidence and communication skills.

"This course provides an excellent basis to make some positive changes in your life. I feel like I just bought into an exclusive club...one where only a select few know the secrets behind Einstein's genius. I feel a newfound sense of purpose, and more importantly, have been given actionable steps to change my habits to be more in line with Einstein's. Just enroll in this course - it could change your life too."

- Davis Das, course graduate

"This is a lighthearted and brilliantly compiled course. High quality video, audio and material. It truly delivers the 9 habits in an interesting manner that keeps you well informed without boredom. I'd definitely recommend this course to pick up some great habits to incorporate into your daily lives. :)"

- Rola H. Sahib, course graduate

Class Curriculum

"So much fun to study this course! I have adult ADD and it's so hard for me to finish a course that does not pique my interest. So I'm so happy to finish this in its entirety, I had so much fun and I learned a lot. The lectures are explained clearly and to the point. I can apply what I've learned to my life immediately. Thank you so much for this course!"

- Denise Miave, course graduate

"Steve Churchill has done a ton of research on the life of one of the most respected scientists to ever live. Even better, Steve has taken the mystery out of the habits that made Einstein so successful and communicated them in a form we can all learn and replicate. I found the course to be very powerful and practical."

- Dr. Roger K. Allen, author, executive coach, consultant, and course graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do I get by enrolling for this course?
This course includes free bonuses of a printable quick reference guide, all the audio files as MP3 downloads, extra lessons on improving your concentration, teaching yourself, and learning more effectively, and you also guaranteed responses from the instructor to any question you post in the discussion area.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

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