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Do any of these describe your situation?

  • If your professional or social life are not what you would like them to be, would talking more confidently make them better?
  • Do you feel confident when you raise your hand to speak in class or a meeting, or are you a bit apprehensive about speaking up?
  • Do you present your ideas as clearly and confidently to coworkers and customers as you would like, or do you want to be more persuasive?
  • Do you feel assured talking to that guy or girl you're interested in, or would you like to have more self-confidence?
  • What about in social groups… do you find yourself feeling a little envious of someone else who seems to keep everyone's attention by speaking confidently?
  • Do you walk away from conversations feeling certain you said the right thing at the right time, or do you wish you had thought of something better to say?
  • If you could learn strategies to talk confidently in all these types of situations, would you be interested?

Just imagine...

  • If people listened attentively whenever you started to speak!
  • How would it improve your professional opportunities to present your ideas, opinions, and proposals effectively to your coworkers, boss, clients and customers?
  • What would it do for your career to say the right things at the right time, with little-to-no preparation?
  • What if you could talk more confidently and impress that guy or girl you’re interested in?
  • How would you feel if you could keep an engaging conversation going while you’re on your next date?
  • Maybe you’re already in a relationship…how much more enjoyable would it be if your mate understood you better because you communicated so well?

Through nearly two decades of research, from teaching several courses and workshops on public speaking, and while creating many executive-level training programs, I've identified...

Several high-leverage strategies you can use in any situation to talk more confidently.

All these proven tools and strategies have been brought together for you in this top-rated online video course to help you learn to talk much more confidently.


When you enroll and complete this course, you’ll:

  • Experience more success in your job or business because you present your ideas and proposals much more effectively.
  • Enjoy more rewarding relationships because other people will understand you better.
  • Have much better conversations in professional and social situations.
  • Make better impressions on the people you talk to.
  • Identify a personal communication style + strategies that come most easily and feel most natural to you.
  • Complete activities to identify which of your own experiences and ideas are most engaging to listeners.
  • Learn new strategies to talk confidently when you have no time to prepare what to say.

When you enroll in this course, you'll get immediate access to 2+ hours of information-packed videos, worksheets, guides, and discussion forums, AND...

You'll also get these BONUS FEATURES:

  • Guaranteed responses from the instructor to any questions you submit in the course discussion forums (within 24 hours)
  • Access to the Conquering Feelings of Inferiority mini-course. This is part of an online video course created by author and consultant, Dr. Roger K. Allen and Steven Churchill that is meant to help you feel more confident (a $99 value).
  • A free copy of the report: What the Greatest Communicators Have in Common. This guide is a summary of a vast survey of great communicators throughout history that summarizes some of the key skills for great communication. The guide also features application exercises you can use to develop those same skills yourself.
  • You'll be able to download all the audio files from this course so you can listen to them and reinforce the key points while you're on-the-go.
  • You'll also get a printable (2-page) cheat sheet that summarizes all the tools and strategies for learning to talk confidently and how you can start using them

"I really enjoyed this course. It is well-explained and structured. Thank you!"

- Michelle M., Student

"I thought the production was very good and a bit playful. This course made me think deeper into some of the aspects in my past and how I can improve going forward! Great stuff!"

- Bob B., Student

Class Curriculum

Who's Teaching?

Steven Churchill
Steven Churchill

Steven is an author and instructional designer who successfully creates interactive training and leadership development programs for thousands of employees in several Fortune-500 companies. He's committed to helping people get better work and income through learning new, more marketable skills.

He earned Master's and Bachelor's degrees, but his career and business depend primarily on self-taught skills. He wrote the book, How to Learn Higher Paying Skills, available on Amazon. He's launched his own instructional media company, Didactable, LLC and currently teaches 18,000+ students in online courses all over the world.

Sound impressive? Well before all that, Steven suffered from insecurity and a lack of confidence while talking to other people. With a lot of study, hard work, and guidance from other people, he was able to improve his self-confidence and ability to communicate effectively.

He has a rewarding career, convinced a beautiful woman to marry him, and he tries...TRIES...to apply what he's learned about effective communication to raising three crazy kids. He loves sharing what he's learned with others who want to improve their self-confidence and communication skills.

"Fully engaging course includes - interesting and varied slides, examples given for various topics discussed by the tutor, homework to download and complete, as well as a tutor (Steve) that manages to keep your attention. The lessons are available to download as MP3s. You really are greatly encouraged to start communicating more confidently in this course. In my opinion it's well worth your time and money to do this course."

- Charles B., Student

"Outstanding production quality and content. Enjoyed the instructor's engaging delivery."

- Barbara, Entrepreneur, crowdfunding catalyst, small biz advocate


Frequently Asked Questions

Another communications course?
I've taken many communications courses myself, read dozens if not hundreds of books on the topic, and taught college level public speaking courses, This online video course presents skill development and information you won't find in books or from an Internet search. I've worked very hard to compile concentrated, actionable information that is above and beyond what is already out there.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
When can I get access to all the course materials?
Immediately…that is as soon as you create your login and purchase access to the course. After that you have lifetime, unlimited access to the course. New content and helpful resources are being added at least once a month.
Is this course guaranteed?
Yes! If you apply the information and complete the exercises presented in this course, you will become a much more confident communicator. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

"This course is very informative, the videos are short but packed with essential information, full of great, constructive ideas. Highly recommended."

- Alicia M., Student

"This course is done really well. Some of the information is stuff I've already known, but he gives other experiences and perspectives that are very unique. As the instructor says, this has got to be applied to be of any real worth. He has several challenges to apply what he just talked about."

- Doug Chavez, Student

What this course is NOT...

  • What you learn in this course is NOT Communication 101. These strategies are NOT the same things you can easily learn about from an Internet search or by buying a book.

  • The lessons do NOT discuss nonverbal communication or improving your speaking voice… all those approaches seem to encourage unnatural, insincere communication. Whatever your voice, body language, appearance, or personality, it is enough, as it is, to be able to talk confidently in any situation.

  • If you’re someone who already talks confidently in every situation, if you don’t feel there’s any improvements you can make to talk more confidently, then this course is NOT for you.

  • If you’re like the rest of us who feel you can have a better career, run a better business, have a better social life, and enjoy better relationships by communicating more confidently, then this chance to learn these skills is one you do NOT want to miss.

"Steve Churchill has done a ton of research on what it really takes to become a more confident communicator. He demonstrates this ability to talk confidently especially well himself, as you’ll see in each video lesson. Even better, Steve has taken the mystery out of these communication habits and presented them in a form we can all learn and replicate. I found the course to be very powerful and practical."

- Dr. Roger K. Allen, Author, Executive Coach, & Consultant

Incredible Course, Highly Recommended!

Great information and taught very well! The instructor knows the subject very well and the interviews with other experts are very well done! This course will make you dig deep within and find answers about yourself and it will allow you to talk more confidently. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it!

- Abhinav Gupta, Motivational Speaker & Lifelong Learner

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